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whale - [hweil] n. 鲸, 鲸鱼 O(∩_∩)O谢谢

a whale of a time 一段时间的鲸鱼 a whale of time 时间的鲸鱼

I had a whale of a time in Birmingham. Nature lovers will be on the lookout for eagles, cormorants, and the occasionalwhale. A village's entire beach and harbor can be fouled by a single rotting whale A whale is a kind of mamma...

whale[英][weɪl] [美][hwel, wel] 生词本 简明释义 n.[动]鲸,鲸鱼;巨大的事物 v.捕鲸;击打,猛击 复数:whales第三人称单数:whales过去式:whaled过去分词:whaled现在分词:whaling 易混淆的单词:Whale

sperm whale是Spermaceti Whale的词尾省略形式。Spermaceti Whale就是"产鲸脑油的鲸鱼"的意思。鲸脑油(spermaceti)又称为鲸腊,是一种白色的腊状物质,其名称源自拉丁文 sperma 与 ceti,意思分别是“精子、精液”与“鲸”,当初发现时被人误以为...

whale 英 [weɪl] 美 [hwel, wel] n. [动]鲸,鲸鱼;巨大的事物 v. 捕鲸;击打,猛击 第三人称单数: whales 复数: whales 现在分词: whaling 过去式: whaled 过去分词: whaled

区别是意思相差很大。 wheel 英[wi:l] 美[wi:l] n. 轮子; 旋转; Wheels 汽车; 有…轮子的汽车(或自行车等); vi. 转动,旋转; 突然转变方向; vt. 推; 拉(车); 使变换方向; (使) 迅速转身; [例句]The car wheels spun and slipped on some oi...


have a whale of a time [英][hæv ə hweil ɔv ə taim][美][hæv e hwel ʌv e taɪm] 玩得非常痛快,过得非常愉快; 例句: “当然,有时我们也争吵。但有时过得也很愉快。” "We argue sometimes of course. But s...

LIVING IN THE OCEAN Whales are large, magnificent, intelligent, aquatic mammals. They breathe air through blowhole(s) into lungs (unlike fish who breathe using gills). Whales have sleek, streamlined bodies that move easily thro...

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