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register 外国人喜欢说注册的 到学校去注册,登记

report to the company

我会准时报到上班 I will report to work on time 英 [ɔn taim] 美 [ɑn taɪm] 按时,准时; 以分期付款方式; 正点; 顺时;

1.check in at the office 到办公室报到 2 The new students have started registering. 新生已开始报到。 3 He reported himself at a new post.他到新岗位报到。 你是那种情况?

report to the company

News report 新闻报道 这类报纸满是耸人听闻的新闻报道。 Papers of this kind are full of sensational news reports.

楼上用的机器翻译把。报到不是report,而是check-in。 报到时间: check-in time

go to the school to check in

报道 [词典] report; cover; news report; information [例句] Many journalists enter the country to report on political affairs. 许多记者进入该国对政治事件进行报道。 There was a news report of a man-eating tiger. 有报道称出现了一...

是不是写信去表达疑问的意思?是的话就用这句: So far since I have not received any calls regarding to the physical examination, I am not sure if it is ok for me to just simply show up at appointed time, would you please clarify ...

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