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register 外国人喜欢说注册的 到学校去注册,登记

报道 bào dào (报告新闻) report (news); cover: 报道大选的情况 report on the general election 报道会议情况 cover the conference 据报道 it is reported that (新闻稿) news report; information; story

1.check in at the office 到办公室报到 2 The new students have started registering. 新生已开始报到。 3 He reported himself at a new post.他到新岗位报到。 你是那种情况?

我会准时报到上班 I will report to work on time 英 [ɔn taim] 美 [ɑn taɪm] 按时,准时; 以分期付款方式; 正点; 顺时;

中文 去单位报到 英文翻译 Report to the unit

News report 新闻报道 这类报纸满是耸人听闻的新闻报道。 Papers of this kind are full of sensational news reports.

报到证 Registration certificate

你什么时候去大学报到 When do you go to College 你什么时候去大学报到 When do you go to College

报道的英文:report,音标读音如下: 英[rɪˈpɔ:t] 美[rɪˈpɔ:rt] n. 报告; 成绩报告单; 传闻; 流言蜚语; vt. 报道; 公布; 宣告; vt. 告发,举报; 使报到; [其他] 第三人称单数:reports 复数:reports 现在分词:r...

报道 [词典] report; cover; news report; information [例句] Many journalists enter the country to report on political affairs. 许多记者进入该国对政治事件进行报道。 There was a news report of a man-eating tiger. 有报道称出现了一...

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